Friday, May 05, 2006

It's only a movie

My 5 year old nephew came up with a movie idea and his creative parents helped him bring it to life. It's called Zombie 2: Darkness of Dead.

I love that he cut the crap and went right for sequel -- even better is the tag line he came up with. Check it out if you dare: or .

If you can't tell -- the graphic on the movie poster is a hand coming out of the grave.

Do you love it? My girls don't. I am forbidden to show it to them EVER again and they may just disown their cousin because they got so freaked out by his walking deadness.

I'm usually quite compassionate when my girls are scared, but this time when they were working themselves up about it at bedtime (after we had already been over it several times) I got a little annoyed, "It's Declan in some Halloween make up and the music is supposed to creep you out..."



Blogger Mel said...

that. is. AWESOME.

wow. so, like 15 years from now he's going to be taking his auntie derphangus to his broadway premier of "Zombie Slashers: They die, you cry, they kill you!". You'll be on the red carpet giving interviews about his first project at the tender young age of 5.

but i'll have to side with your girls on this one. i'm sooo not a zombie fan. i actually had dreams that a zombie army was coming to kill me, and my high school band (including the conductor) was hiding in my garage. i shouldn't eat fudgsicles before i go to bed anymore.

5:26 PM  
Blogger kim said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the horror genre myself, but IT'S DECLAN!

I'm half kidding about being tough with them anyway. Along the same lines I saw the little girl who stars in "One Tree Hill" (is that the name? the popular horror flick out right now) -- anyway, just saw that girl on Ellen and she said the movie was too scary for her to watch -- she could act it, just not watch it.

Rich and I just better not ever die because the girls are willed to Aunt Robyn and Uncle Dave -- they would never make it come Halloween (You think the movie trailer is creepy -- you should see his front lawn displays complete with dismembered parts and perpetual squirting blood. Many a neighborhood child will never be the same after trick -or -treating on that street.)

Love you Dave ;o).

7:34 PM  
Blogger kim said...

..."they die, you cry, they kill you!"


8:06 PM  

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