Monday, June 06, 2011

2011 post

Came here to visit today -- took me a moment to remember how to sign in to blogger. Hello blog and blogger friends, I feel like I am visiting my internet home town.

We've lost a friend since we last spoke and I really feel the absence of TTQ now that I'm here.

Dang, I'm rusty. I want to say things and honor the loss of a special friend, but the writing is just not here, but it's definately an absence in this space. I'm a little overwhelmed by emotion at the moment. I feel that very special understanding and connection -- that weird little 'goes without saying' between us personal journal type bloggers. You're not here, I feel it and I miss you.

As for this blog -- I think about starting a new one sometimes. I'd like to join in on the "My town Monday" and/or join a photo story thread. I could start here, maybe go through the archives and delete some of the public floggings of the spouse so I can invite family. (Listen, you marry someone with Asperger's and then we'll talk about it... and they don't let you spouse bash on the Aspie message boards, or I would have joined a group by now. Besides, all my rantings were from before I figured it out, so we're lucky I had a place to vent or my children could have been from a broken home by now). I really thought he had brain damage from his drug induced youth, but then someone suggested Asperger's ... it took a while for it to really sink in, that it was more than a personality quirk and that lack of "theory of mind" is pretty much an explanation for all of the - fork in the eye - moments... There's so much more to it, integration issues and a whole picture that is the deal with Asperger folk -- posts, many posts -- could do a whole blog on just that, but I won't.

Anyway, stopping by for a visit and getting a post with 2011 stamped on it. I miss the writing connection with myself, there's nothing quite like that space one cuts through in order to get at the things waiting to be said or told. I miss connecting to kindreds through sharing...

I really doubt I'll start another blog, but maybe I'll post again before 2012... who knows?

That's it for today, blogger buddies. Nice to see you all again :)


Blogger Liane Spicer said...

Hey, nice to see you here, Kimmie. Don't worry about the bashing thing - you do what you have to do to get through. Sorry about your loss. I didn't know her but I remember the name from coming here.

I've neglected my blog over the last year or two as well since I've been coordinating the group blog, but recently decided to kickstart old Wordtryst again by running a series of the posts I did in the other place. That's mainly to keep anyone Googling me from finding a dead blog.

Still like blogs the best of all the social media thingies in terms of both the writing and the quality of connection with like minds. Maybe everyone will get tired of FB and Twitter and return? Nah, can't see it happening.

Anyways, be sure to let me know if you start a new blog. Was looking through my back posts while organizing tags this week and there were so many times you made me smile, laugh out loud or just nod and say, YES!

Hugs to you, R. and the girls. ((()))

10:22 AM  

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