Thursday, December 28, 2006

That was then, this is now

One was my mom's when she was a kid -- it's eyes light up, it takes four steps, stops and barks three times, four more steps. We keep him with the Christmas stuff as we have since we were kids. That's probably how he's lasted so long. I remember when we were kids and his paw pads wore through a bit -- my Gram sewed on red felt to fix them.

Lizzie got an ipuppy for Christmas. We had a race -- no contest, ipuppy smoked that old dog. The old dog would have had a better chance if it didn't stop to bark every four steps -- also his legs are a smidge bent and it causes him to walk in a wide circle.

If celebration is any indication, the girls didn't seem to care about age difference -- they took the sweet victory and did a "sweet victory" dance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay that's funny. Ipuppy may have won the race, but the old pup enjoyed the trip, barking along the way. I bet you could write a motivational book about that ten minute scenerio and it would be a worldwide bestseller :)

6:34 PM  
Blogger pr!tz said...

Pssst! Guess what? I have saved some of my old toys! If, one day, I have kids, they are gonna have a raggedy doll family to take care of! :)

10:16 AM  
Blogger kim said...

Trish, I think you are on to something.

Pritz! Awwww.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Swishy said...

I used to have one of those old dogs!

3:18 AM  

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