Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm no mystery

It's revealed like this: Take the car in for an oil change and break check -- how responsible of me, feels good. Need brakes, car is warranted -- free fix, free rental -- super! License expired on 40th birthday, no rental today, reschedule for tomorrow. Straight to DMV, have good book to read -- take your time (aside: I recommend somber material for public reading -- twice now, I've made a spectacle of myself with some uncontrolled laughing in the department of motor vehicles. This time, Augustin Burroughs, last time were the Deep Thoughts of Jack Handy -- red face, crying, onlooker pressure intensifying situation ...dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies -- nope, laughing even harder now.)

Weird lady with expired license passes vision test, oops -- problem with license name vs. S.S.# name, renewal denied. Off to SS office, need to change to married name, "when were you married?" "98." "We'll need to see the original marriage license." The red tape is getting thicker, but I'm excited because I already have the paperwork and I know where it is! Mention going home to retrieve paperwork before rushing back for my new card so I can go back to DMV and renew my license and they can put my new (six year old) address on it while they are at it. Can't renew until tomorrow -- system updates overnight. That's the kind of news which screws up the free rental plan, but allows for blogging time on the home front.

Drive home and mentally create a bunch of really good blogs: One by my pissed off inner feminist who has a lot to say about the archaic bullshit that goes along with marriage -- she was changing up a bunch of laws and could not find a single valid reason for marriage now that she had made all well with bureaucracy.

Second was a funny commentary on people who fail to develop critical thinking capabilities and do things like build a home on a high hill in God's country and then complain about the wind up there when you verbalize your envy of their breathtaking 360 degree view of nature filled kettles and moraines (You're on high ground, did you not think there would be wind?) My mental pen went on to write about them having no need to worry during times of heavy rain and flash flood warnings, and how they are in a great position should this area ever become a war zone they could fortify the daylights out of the place and see all (so they're a little prone to missile attacks and such, but they have it all over old school ground warfare tactics.)

Third was an account of odds for place in line vs. having to pee.

Another was about last night and how I came to eat ants, many many ants, unawares and then of course, how I became aware. (A lot of ants.)

Last was a Swishyesque post, complete with camera phone photos of the piece of crap car that had a locking bar across the steering wheel (not even on the south side, buddy) -- priceless and sweet all in one.

Alas, I've only time for the gist and that was it. Catch you later, I'm off to synchronize my identities.

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Blogger TTQ said...

I updated my DL's after I got married and hypenated it so everything didn't have to be changed at once. It was my first new DL since I was 21!

I kept renewing it online all those years.

11:04 AM  
Blogger TTQ said...

wait what? ants? eating them?

1:25 PM  
Blogger wordtryst said...

This DMV crap must transcend national borders. It takes an entire day [conservative estimate] to get anything done in there and you stagger out a trembling shadow of your former self. As for the marriage stuff - no problem getting my married name on to the licence, but to get it off post-divorce? ARRGGH! Gave up last time. Might be dragging my ex's name around forever like a stubborn piece of toilet paper stuck to a shoe...

Ants? ANTS? Well, they have no bones, as a friend reassured me once...

1:48 AM  
Blogger kim said...

Sugar ants -- they're tiny and they were in my cereal. I bought the cereal the day before and am still not convinced the cereal wasn't pre-fortified with the little buggers because the infiltration was complete. We are in the country, but there have been no signs of that kind of ant invasion.

I did not see the ants until I went to pour a bowl for Lizzie -- I had left the cereal on the counter, when I picked it up soooooo many teeny tiny ants on the counter -- check box -- !!!!!!

I've found no other ants in any other foods, let's hope that was the ant fun for the summer.

10:32 AM  

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