Thursday, November 01, 2007

Am I on TV yet?

When my sister's friend was on the Rachel Rae show the other day, so were her kids.

Winnie, who has the acting/singing bug, was about to pop out of her skin with excitement that her friends were on TV!!!

Now, when I say my kid has the bug, I mean it. I watched it all come together for her at about three years old. She's always enjoyed the center of attention, but what kid doesn't? With her it's more of a thing and it came together one day when I thought she might enjoy watching ballet on PBS. That clinched it for her.

There she was, frozen in awe, but at the dancing? Not so much. She wanted to know what they were dancing on, "it's a stage, baby."

You should have seen her eyes and her entire body come together with that bit of knowledge -- her next line of questions were about how a person gets to be on one (my destiny, it will be mine, I will perform, I will be great!).

It will not surprise me one bit if she did turn out to be a stage performer. She can carry a tune and she has a vocal quality that would be perfect for that sort of thing (her and her brother both have it, no microphones necessary for those two -- see how my eyes are crossed? But it would be handy on Broadway).

She could just as easily be a teacher -- the child is bundled with all kinds of natural talent, she loves research and teaching it too...

Anyhow, all this story is leading to the part where I reminded her that she already is on TV. And so I could share Bzot links again because I think Kay and her kids would really dig the music (If you like to rock out to Laurie Berkner and They Might Be Giants, this is up your alley)

Her and Lizzie are in an episode of a show that my brother-in-law did. He hasn't sold that particular thing as a show yet, but Nicktoons snapped it up and broke it up into song videos which play between shows sometimes. So even though we don't watch Nicktoons, we could, and somebody does, so somebody has seen her on TV.

If you watch Nicktoons and you see the Bzots perform a song called "How much is that elephant" my kids are among those kids running through the zoo. It's brief, but it counts -- they are on the TV.

Dave's youtube page

I don't see the elephant video, but "Power Down" is one of my favorite lullabies ever. In "Is it really true" that's my mom who may or may not be a blender (watch it to see what I mean -- my sister Robyn is the baby she is holding).

There is a content video of a guy who builds robots -- that's fun. Declan's Zombie video is there -- I posted that some time ago. If you see the video with the "Lunch Launcher" commercial -- that's Dave and it's his voice doing the commercial too -- love him.

Here's a Dave interview I found while trying to find a nicktoons schedule (I don't think there is one for filler content, but I tried).

If you have kids, there are coloring pages at Bzot website too -- fun times, who doesn't like to color a robot (especially one which has dreadlocks -- helloooo.)


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Blogger kay said...


my little guy is going to love those songs. and i think i may have heard some of them on nick. when i'm in the other room doing something. so i will ask the kids when they get home.

too funny that that is your mom and your sis!! now i have your mommy is a blender in my head.

9:37 AM  
Blogger kim said...

Oh my gosh, Winnie will be so happy.

I'll let her read your comment.

Maybe we will watch the videos tonight and see what other songs they appear in, if any -- I don't remember because it was like four years ago. I just remember freeze framing the elephant song a lot.

I can see them running through that zoo and lizzie dropping her hat and lagging behind -- she was two. Okay, this is giving me one of those "Time is going by too fast" moments -- gulp.

We love the CD, it's in our car and I'm still not sick of it after all this time (or Miss Spider's World -- she makes me happy, uh, I mean the kids, the kids love her).

10:17 AM  
Blogger kim said...

They are both in the escape song -- part5 on the youtube page. I would need a good pause to pick Winnie out, but Lizzie is the little one at the tail end of the kids (the first time you see the group of kids, you can pick her out if you're a fast finder).

They are both in the group shots throught.

10:52 AM  

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