Thursday, November 13, 2008


We went to a meet and greet with Paul and Morgan Hamm and Sean Johnson -- very cool. As Winnie said though, "I thought it was a meet and greet, but it was all meet and no greet". It was an event sponsored by Winnie's gym and another place. Even though we got there fairly early and the line wasn't real long -- it took a while to get our moment. Originally you saw the boys and then the girl, but as time marched on, they got wise -- put them all together and had someone shuffling folks in, "hi", "hi", "hi",autograph, autograph, autograph, "get behind them and take a picture." ...and out, "Next!" But thrilling, none the less. Okay and how about that quick snap photo? All six looking, all eyes open (red, but open). I've done two rolls a film trying to get a decent Christmas photo for our family of five and not gotten as good a shot. side note on the picture -- I did get to take two photos because the first picture I took was of my own eye (stupid delay, I thought it didn't go). The Hamm mom was there too -- she sold us the posters.



Blogger Beth said...

how much fun was that???!!!!!

6:28 PM  
Blogger KATE said...

How exciting, too bad it was a no greet!

12:35 AM  
Blogger kay said...

how cool!!! i love the olympics.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

Wow! Thanks for the photo!

8:57 PM  

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