Thursday, January 26, 2006

Maybe I'll take a wrong turn and just keep going

This morning I caught myself thinking, "I have to call my sister and tell her about these new cascade 2 in 1 action packs. They really work great! I mean, I haven't had a spot on my dishes since I got them. And they are so easy, just toss one of those little pillow things in and that's it. They smell good too. I got two big packs of them from Sam's -- she's gonna have to go to Sam's and get some of these orange pillow things, I have to tell her about these -- my dishes are so clean."

To add to this proof that too much housework retards your brain -- after I got the dishes started, I turned around to survey the hundred hours of housework which lay before me (all hundred hours of mess created over the last 72 hours -- how does it work like that?!) ...Where was I?

Doing housework + thinking about housework + writing about thinking about housework = compound retardation.

I think I was about to say that after a certain amount of housework you lose your capability to do the housework. You look at a pile of paper and you know it needs to go in a file or the trash, but you can't remember how to get it in the file or the trash -- you stand there -- frozen -- looking at cups which need to find the sink, clothes looking for a laundry basket and the mind can't make the body put them where they belong. The body knows there is something wrong, it feels it just did all this and it won't keep doing it over and over, no matter how simple the mind says the task is, the body knows it's a trick and then the mind locks up in complete confusion.


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