Monday, January 02, 2006

"Where it's at"

One great thing about Christmas time is the sponge candy (looks like sea sponge, but is actually more the density of cooled lava). The stores in my area held back this year. I found one offering at a Sentry and it was chocolate covered --- this would not have been a problem if it weren't chocolate flavored wax.

Eating down to the heavenly sponge inside wasn't worth the bad chocolate experience. I was so disappointed that I gave it away.

Yesterday I got an after holiday's gift from Pick 'n' Save -- they had it in bulk. They must have got it in for new year's because it wasn't there for Christmas. It was chocolate covered, but it was fresh, melty, wonderful chocolate. I discovered the soundtrack to good chocolate covered sponge candy when I took that first delicious bite -- my eyeballs rolled back a little and Beck sang, "I got two turn tables and microphone."

He's so right.


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