Thursday, January 05, 2006

The snooze bar -- yet another tool of the devil

Well, there's Beck again, he's got a devil's haircut in his mind this time. I'm so tired that this entire post may wind up being one long string of word associations. I would stop typing, but it's the only thing keeping me awake right now.

Word association is not just for the written word, I do it in life too. People will be talking about something and a word will spark something off and I'll say my thought out loud like it's related to the conversation at hand. My entire life, people are like, "what?"

Staying true to my thought skipping ways, I'll bring it back around to topic #1.

The snooze bar -- sometimes you get those days where 9 minutes feels like hours, and it happens every time you hit the snooze. You kind of panic thinking you must have accidentally turned off the alarm, then you look, "No way! That was only 9 minutes? Oh, thank you God." and then it happens again and again and again -- you get several little nightimes in one morning. Those days are bait.

The rest of the days, you hit that snooze and each time churns a little more stomach acid and puts you into an unnatural sleep phase that will be impossible to escape for the next several hours. It will look like you are up and functioning, but part of you remains anesthetized -- bad things can happen. This is why I don't usually hit snooze anymore, this and children, children don't allow you to laze around about getting up -- they wake up and start talking to you.

Today I snoozed and now I pay. There's a part of my brain, right in front, that is dead asleep. I'm awake, I'm functioning, but there's that dead zone. I think it's the part of my brain that keeps me from being really stupid and without it, I'm really stupid. The stupid awake sleeper (See?).

Rich has it bad today too, he brewed two pots of water before he finally came together with some coffee grounds. Staying up late and hitting the snooze -- we're stupid.


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