Monday, February 27, 2006

I've reached a new level of dorkdom

We are a Dancing With the Stars household -- it makes the kids dance, it's real cute, we really enjoy hanging out and doing kicks. But even with all the fun we have with it, I was still surprised last night when it was time to narrow it down to the final two couples -- I was so nervous.

Who's gonna go? Idon'tknow.

After that elimination, the final pick was kind of anticlimactic. The dynamic between the three couples was cool. I'm stopping myself from going into full analysis of why it was that way for me -- the important point is that I was really on the edge of my seat over it...DORK.

I've also decided that I want to be Jerry Rice when I grow up. He's so laid back, not sweating the small stuff. A lot of people pretend to be like that, but he never had a single temple throbbing moment where he was saying one thing and choking down another -- he seems nice for real.

That's the kind of nice guy who can get the girl, not the kind of nice guy who gets walked all over for being a "nice guy".

Not that I want to get girls -- I'm just thinking about the guys who say stuff like, "girls say they want a nice guy and when they get one, they dump him for the asshole". We want a nice guy (Jerry Rice), not a pussy (guys who resent the women who have dumped them because they are "too nice").


Blogger Mel said...

im completely hooked on American's my only reality show addiction. my friends (both big dancers) are OBSESSED with Dancing with the stars. it's funny. i didnt see the finale...was it last night? i should go see who won, but my friends probably TIVO'd it so we can watch it later :)
enjoy it now....wont be long before your kids wont dance with you...not to mention wont sit down and watch a show together :)

3:32 PM  

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