Friday, September 28, 2007

Kiss Nate for me

My sister is on her way to Florida right now -- she is going to an Oprah's people seminar. There will be speaking panels with Gayle, Nate, Marriane Williamson, Suzy Ormond...

My sister's best friend is going to be on the Rachel Ray show and I think she got tickets, or learned about it when she taped the show, I don't know -- I'm just making stuff up right now, but it has something to do with the Rachel Ray (Rae?) thing and now they are in Florida. (I will tell you when she is going to be on as soon as I know. She's on because she's late all the time. So if I forget to say, and you watch the show and see a woman from Wisconsin who is late all the time and it makes people mad. Well, then you can say, "Hey! I know her! That's my blogger buddy's sister's best friend!" It will be exciting for all of us.)

I'm only mildly envious of the Florida trip because, truly, if I were asked to go, the thought of packing and doing something seems daunting to me right now (even thought half of me is looking for a place to run, I'm in some kind of emotional winter here and the thought of action makes me tired).

Anyhow, enough about me, and more about me. If I were thinking I would have sent some knobs for her to give to Nate -- this is my second missed Nate opportunity.

I know, I'm rambling. The thing is, when my friend and I decided to start a painting business, we did a little "putting it out there". I said, "I want Nate, on Oprah, with my stuff," and the very next week "O" magazine had a thing where you could submit pictures of your decorated house so Nate could see how people are living and maybe you get selected to be on Oprah with your decorating self. I have enough painted focal points to maybe catch an eye -- it's not Architectural Digest, but it may be creative enough to be talked about on Oprah.

Well, I kind of never got around to submitting the pictures -- I took them, but by the time I got around to getting an envelope and looking up that address again, I had missed the dead line -- It's the same reason I haven't won my 10,000 dollars from America's Funniest Videos yet either.

Opportunity knocks again when my sister is here this past weekend and she tells me she's going to the Oprah thing. Do I grab anything painted and say, "Here, give this to Nate." Along with a note letting him know where he can get such fun gems for all his clients -- do I do that?

No, I didn't.

Which is okay, because I'm truly not ready and it probably wouldn't be right to make my sister do my stalking for me. But still, two degrees of separation here -- it's getting close my friends.

Speaking of Oprah moments, if I were a psychologist I would win a prize for the paper I would write on the new phase of development I've observed, which is The Oprah Phase.

It's true, think about it. I've worked with some people coming up out of some pretty hard circumstances and I always know they are at a pivotal point when they get to the Oprah phase . This is the point where they see themselves on Oprah, usually telling a survivor/look at me now, story. This is a good sign, because it means they've found hope and a vision for the future -- it seems to be the point at which they either throw in the towel in a "I'll never be on Oprah" type of resignation, or they go for it.

I could go on with my theories of how she can be a working part of the psyche, but I'm sure you already know. Is she not one of the members of the committee in your head? She gives great advice up in there. I give her credit as being my first sponsor. Plus, when you see someone on Oprah, what do they say? They say, "I can't believe I'm on Oprah, I always dreamed of being on Oprah and now I'm on Oprah." Of course I'm talking about people who are being celebrated and not the folks who are there for the cautionary tales.

Fun assignment time -- What is your Oprah story? If you blog it, let me know in comments, or blog away in my comments, but do tell your, why I'm going to be on Oprah, If I were on Oprah, I should be on Oprah, I have a friend who should be on Oprah -- story.

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Blogger kim said...

Rich just called and I asked him what his Oprah story was -- to which he said he was a humble, falable child of God and has no Oprah aims at all.

...For about a second!

Humility out the door and now he's on Oprah with the Chrome Shop Mafia who has just tricked out his truck.

And he makes it all plausible how they would all come to be there on Oprah with him getting a new tricked truck out of the deal.

Oprah, she's in there.

11:32 AM  
Blogger The Anti-Wife said...

When I write that great novel, or non-fiction, or screenplay, or TV series - or whatever it is I'm going to write - she'll be calling me and begging me to come on her show. I just know it!

5:12 PM  
Blogger kim said...

Oh yes she will be calling.

5:25 PM  
Blogger TTQ said...

First off it was freaking 104.4 in my backyard today. So Florida isn't all it cracks up to be.

I could never be on Oprah or any other show, I have extreme anxiety issues when it comes to speaking in public. I woul djust sit there and nod and smile and make all the appropriate sounds. Thne I would start shaking and faint.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous aka_lol said...

I like the Oprah show and it is addictive if you like happy days, then sad days, then days you want to turn the TV off because of Oprah but only after you look at Oprah. Oprah created more brand names than the Coca Cola Company, brand names such as Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and James Frey.

I say, submit to O :)

8:19 PM  
Blogger kay said...

if you read my blog you will know that i am boring and could never reach the oprah pinnacle because of that. but i could be the lady in the audience that they pan to and she has this freakishly, goofy smile on her face, just amazed that she is there. well that's me. just happy to be at the show. watching oprah beat down james frey. the weiner

8:53 AM  
Blogger kim said...

Where were her peeps on that whole James Frey thing? He lost me at the no novocaine root canal bit -- what addict do you know ever entered rehab for being all strung out on novocaine?

I still felt bad for him. Even though he is very much a wiener - I can't watch most people getting their consequences. Not even when 20/20 confronts con men who are ripping off old people -- I have to change the channel.

Oh! But what about America's Most Wanted? It's good to catch a killer -- maybe you will be the tipster who catches a really bad criminal.

...and he's so notorious, you get on Oprah to tell how you figured him out -- huh?

9:56 AM  
Blogger wordtryst said...

I share anti-wife's fantasy, I think. Goes against the grain for me, though, this publicity business, but it sure sells a load of books.

12:25 AM  

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