Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm all talk

I was thinking about husband's friend being all upset about something small and how I suggested things like that don't get to me...

That was really funny of me. Of the handful of poems I mentioned writing, I think one was about being petty. I'm breaking into song, "I feel petty, oh so petty and fretty and, and..." and that's all I got -- I feel petty.

I was thinking about it because once when I was really tired and slap happy I wrote a "funny" comment and hit send. It was on the blog of a public figure whom I knew way back, but no longer really. When I woke up the next day -- it hit me -- what I wrote was not only humorless -- it sounded like something my mother would say and thus has haunted and held the power of shame over my head for months.


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