Friday, December 16, 2005

Target, don't start messing around

I do not want to see a mediocre holiday sweater for $99.00 dollars in your store. In fact, I don't want to see any item of clothing, no matter how marvelous, for $99.00 dollars in your store.

The whole thing about your store is the walking in and seeing all the trendy stuff and knowing that I am surrounded by bargains -- it's all bargains. Remember that shimmery silk throw you sold me from the clearance shelf? Five bucks -- good times Target.

I come to you for the cute t-shirts that if they start to look crappy after a few washings, I don't care because it was 8 dollars -- a couple of latte's worth of feeling cute for a few wears.

If I am going to spend $99 dollars on an article of clothing -- it's going to be from Anthropology, or somewhere equally sensational -- people will be looking at me, perhaps asking aloud, "where did you get that fantastic sweater?!" and it will not be a purple cahmere deal with rhinestones on it. Who can tell the difference between real cashmere or a department store imitation anyway? Not my crowd.

You can keep up with the cheap designer lines (that black affordable tulle skirt? Love being a girl!). Take it easy with the new "bargains", remember who are and why I love you.


Blogger Airelee said...

$99??? Are they out of their minds???? Is Isaac Mizrahi on an ego trip or something???

3:34 PM  

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