Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Freddie say, what?

When was the last time you heard Killer Queen? It is all over my realm today -- I was singing it this morning and Rich asked, "What kind of champagne was she drinking?"
"I don't know." I tried to sing to find out, and quickly realized I don't know a lot of the words to that song.

Rich said, " I don't either, but I was with Daphne yesterday and we were picking up gifts for clients (booze) and she went past the champagne and started singing it and sang the name of some champagne."

"Is that why I'm singing Killer Queen this morning? Were you singing it?"

"No (he must have been). But when we got in the car it was on the radio."

"No way."


"That's a lot of Killer Queen going around, what do you think it means?"

Figures, the universe tries to send me a message and I can't figure it out because it goes like this:

She keeps her mo at the station, in her pretty cabinet
Hmm hm hm hm hmmm, she spoke just like Marie Antoinette
A la dee a remedy for someone and Kennedy
Da danti de de dation you can't dec -LI-iiine

Caviaaar and cigaretts, thought shEEE couldn't care a less
--Extroooo-dinarily nyIce, she's a killaaah -- queeeEEEN

Gun poooowdah, guillotine, dynamiiiite with a laser beam, garaunteed to blow your mind, ANYTIIIiiime

Wa, wa wa wa wa naaooowWwWwWw...


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