Saturday, March 04, 2006

He's okay

Not cancer. Lipoma. Fatty tumor.

Just say so in the first place then!

The fatty tumor was our first thought because he's prone to them -- this is not his first. The doctor got us all freaked out because it seemed to be in tissue and not typical of the fatty tumors. And it wasn't the same odd shape they usually are, so I didn't like that. (I'm sure my husband is going to love me talking about his fatty tumahs -- oh well. If you read my blog, it's actually not the most personal thing I've shared about him.)

Anyway, it's not a usual fatty thing, this one collected around a gland or something which made it all freaky for us all. He doesn't have cancer, we all slept well last night.

The keepers of the life insurance policy have been found and it's paid, so all is well there too.



Blogger Mel said...

well, thank goodness! glad to hear he's just a fattie. :) i think you should go celebrate....any excuse to blend up a pitcher of margaritas, right?

3:40 PM  

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