Thursday, June 08, 2006


Those of you familiar with the story of the marbles may get the same kick I did out of what happened to Lizzie yesterday.

We were at school with Winnie for recess and while digging in the sand Lizzie found, that's right, a marble. The really cool thing was that it is just a wee bit smaller than the ones Rich finds.

Here's an updated photo of riches recent collection. The change is gone because we are saving for a Disney trip -- now we just have a marble cup. These are the marbles from the last photo plus anything since then, so you can go look at the old photo and do the math if you like (February 16, 2006 archive, "He's sending him the right thing" -- there were five). Notice that he has even found a couple of shooters.

He found a bearing and after I said, "maybe you have all your marbles -- it must be time to get your bearings" (ah, ha, funny, funny, me), -- anyway, I said it didn't count -- bearings don't count. The bearing wound up on the floor and I couldn't get the vacuum to suck it up from any angle (like dog food!), so I finally let it join the marble collection, but I still think it doesn't count.



Blogger TTQ said...

I'm burying my e-maill addy back in your archives and figured this one about marbles is fitting.

How come I never find any marbles?? It's gusty up in my head! Rattling of marbles would make me feel alive.

4:51 PM  

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