Thursday, May 15, 2008

TTQ loves me

Not only did TTQ burn a fantastic CD for me, but she sent goodies! Lots and lots of goodies.

When my girls saw all of the crown stickers and the many wrapped treats, they asked if TTQ was a real princess. She is.

What more could a person need if they have mojo, Everglade seasoning and bling?

Cookies? Okay, some of those too then. And meaningful bracelets, an inspiring necklace, a sparkle pen, and many other things with a high shimmer factor.

Gurty is suspicious. TTQ has dogs and Gurty thinks the package is from them. She wants to know what they mean by sending their scent into her domain. I tell her it's all good, but look at that face -- I don't think she's buying it.

She's plotting revenge as we type and read...hmmmm.

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Blogger TTQ said...

My dogs wanted to send you all their clothing, but I had to convince them that Gurty is SMALL. So then they tried to sneak the hats in... but then what would they wear?? Just their boots??

And I think we have the same carved oriental rugs..

2:55 PM  

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