Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Christmas Week Suicides From Around the World"

This is the headline I come across while looking for a bit of news on a friend of my sister.

I need to stop reading Noam Chomsky and I need to stop answering the phone. Anymore dwelling on the Death Star or anymore bad news -- the news I got about my sister's friend has me all twisted up.

My sister's friend did not kill herself, but she tried -- right after she did something that I won't repeat. It's the kind of information that can't sink in so it hangs out -- searching for a non existent resolution. There's not enough distance, I can't fill in the blanks with compassion -- I'm just horrified by how the mind can crack.

I'm way too deep in reality.

I need to isolate. Some say isolation is bad -- I say information is bad.

A slower pace at least -- a girl needs time to process. I'm grounding myself off of Google until further notice.


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