Saturday, December 03, 2005

Why my inner world is so rich today, while my outer world is being somewhat neglected

Links, that's why.

I didn't make it a day on my self grounding off of google. My mother sent me an article wherein the author uses the word learnt -- which causes a clunk in the reading and I have to know if it is a legitimate word -- oxford has my answer to this and so much more.

Next, I start doing my daily blog rounds --I check in with my kindred pritz, then I check in on karla --who's child must be on the move or she is caught up in the holiday frenzy, because she is slowing down on the posts. Karla is funny and she has funny readers, so I link to other blogs via her comments because I haven't taken the time to figure out how to blogroll anyone and my "favorites" file is a sea of junk already. I check in on this sweet and funny woman , then to the common wombat, who uses words like "feco-centric" and links to this other funny fella -- who in turn, linked to this woman.

That last link is the reason that it's past noon and the responsible person in me is about to have a stroke from all the inactivity and neglect happening in my house today (only because this isn't my first time with this kind of surfing abuse-- I'm working on a string of days here) . All "to do list" guilt aside, I'm pretty sure finding her blog is my karmic reward for deleting one of my regular reads. He was a very talented writer, but too old to be as self absorbed as he was. Not that there is anything wrong with a little self-absorption, but he was a bit too hollow -- I felt dirty for indulging him.

Now the other instant karma is getting me -- I hear yelling, lots of yelling -- when the kids go without parenting for too long, they turn on each other. I think I'll go intervene before the body blows begin.


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