Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I may have to toss my computer out the window

I seem incapable of saying no to the time suck of the web this week. I have things to do. Boring things, but they must get done, nonetheless. It's raining, I'm kind of cranky -- sacrificing an entire day to the keyboard just seems so much more appealing than my responsibilities right now.

And fricken facebook -- what of that? Connecting with friends has been great, but the compulsive checking of my page...lovely, and much like a hole in my head.

Thank you blog, for letting me get that off of my chest. I'm going to go do ten minutes of Pilates and see if that won't remove some of the tension that I am feeling today.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

A story of luck and charm for all my friends who are sick of looking at the Wisconsin State Capital

Do you understand what is happening in these pictures?
A leprechaun trap is being set. You had to be here for the full effect because Lizzie was certain of her genius.
Once enticed by the cheddar bunnies, the leprechaun would enter the kennel whereupon hearing the kennel commotion, Lizzie (or Rich, or I) would pull the yellow string, which would shut the kennel door, thus trapping the leprechaun and forcing him to give up all of his gold in order to be set free.
There was also a softer plan involving trade. The bag held two quarters and a few chocolate kisses. Lizzie wrote a note explaining the desired trade.
In the end, the stealthy leprechaun came, took the booty, made a mess of my living room and peed green in our toilet. On the bright side, he did turn her money into golden wrapped chocolate -- not the real gold she was hoping for, but better luck next year Busybeth.