Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh yes, please, post a picture of it on the internet

That's Gurty in a diaper on a pile of warm laundry from the dryer. We did not make it to the church on time and she went into heat -- hence the diaper and furthering of the bad rap little dogs get.

Poor Gurtis, she was so reluctant, yet completely resigned to having to wear that thing -- my big dog would never have put up with such a thing, not for a minute.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let the Molly Ringwald comparisons begin

At least that's what happened the last time I went red (orange). I friggin love it. I think Rich thinks it's a bit much -- I think I was born with the wrong hair color and wish it were somewhere in the orange family all the time.
Why don't I keep it that way all the time then? I like things fairly low maintenance and non-natural red hair takes some diligence to maintain. Roots, of course, and my hair grows freakishly fast, so double that. It's not just the roots thing -- red fades faster than any other color, so one minute you're vibrant -- the next? A little mousy.

For now, until I can take no more of hat days and frequent hair appointments -- I am a rock star. A little shorter, a little more hair product, a long white nightgown, a dreamy hilltop and the rain would be fallin on my head like a memory and tearin me apart like a new emotion.

On another topic -- do you see what's behind me there? That's a test pattern and it's not on our giant TV that's out getting fixed, no -- that's on the new LCD screen TV that is taking it's place while it's out.

Not me, it was Rich, the wuss couldn't handle it and says he wants a flat screen for downstairs anyway.

I must say, this TV is from the latest breed in high definition and has an even more gorgeous picture than the giant plasma. So much so, I felt a little motion sick while watching some aerial footage on that new Planet Earth series. The HD channels are amazingly 3-D-ish -- it reminds me of those 3-d view finder pictures I used to have as a kid -- "how do they do that? I could go in and walk around in that picture".

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I feel so alone

"A week to ten days" -- that's how long I may be without my TV. They had to take her to fix the HDMI cable port -- what am I going to do?

Read? Sleep? Clean? Play board games? Talk to my husband? Bathe?

What to do, what... to... do.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

R-O-B-I-N -- by Winnie

Right away they're busy
On the first day of spring
Busy as can be
In the warm weather