Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I hate it when people say they are boring

Oh my word, I am so boring lately. Because you are only bored if you are boring and oh. my. I don't even give a shit about chocolate.

I don't even have anything creatively funny to say about the boredom. The only thing that compelled me to write just now was looking at the pictures of my dogs -- I only posted them because pictures are easy and freakin' Gurty with her legs all straight in the air -- that made me laugh...months ago.

I posted them only recently because they were what jumped out at me when I browsed my photos for something post worthy. I was browsing for something post worthy so my top post wouldn't be the one of me bitching about my cleaning problems.

Have I bored you to death yet? Are you still reading? Am I really going to post a whining jag about being bored?

I think I am.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The family dog mine

Here for the digging out -- looks to be about a 3 and a 5 carrot dog gem.

This is Gurty laying by my side. This is my favorite when I wake up and she is laying like a human, right next to me with her head on the pillow. Sometimes side by side, sometimes back to back -- sometimes just her head is sticking out -- it is very funny.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

sick tax

I've been in bed most of this week. My reward for feeling better is a big fat messy house.
I'm considering going old school on my entire family and getting big giant garbage bags and tossing it all out.


Ef the saying, "we teach people how to treat us" -- I did not teach anybody this shit.

Maybe I'll go back to bed for another week.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


We went to a meet and greet with Paul and Morgan Hamm and Sean Johnson -- very cool. As Winnie said though, "I thought it was a meet and greet, but it was all meet and no greet". It was an event sponsored by Winnie's gym and another place. Even though we got there fairly early and the line wasn't real long -- it took a while to get our moment. Originally you saw the boys and then the girl, but as time marched on, they got wise -- put them all together and had someone shuffling folks in, "hi", "hi", "hi",autograph, autograph, autograph, "get behind them and take a picture." ...and out, "Next!" But thrilling, none the less. Okay and how about that quick snap photo? All six looking, all eyes open (red, but open). I've done two rolls a film trying to get a decent Christmas photo for our family of five and not gotten as good a shot. side note on the picture -- I did get to take two photos because the first picture I took was of my own eye (stupid delay, I thought it didn't go). The Hamm mom was there too -- she sold us the posters.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Regular make up vs. highlighting and shading

To give you a better idea of the difference -- I post a side by side for you.

These make-up posts are in response to Beth's question about make-up routines.

For the full how to, see previous post.

Make-up lessons

1. Where to shade and highlight according to Kevin Aucion (genius!). I have made adjustments according to personal taste, but this picture is key to my happiness with my make-up routine.
2. me, no make-up
3. me, foundation only. I don't go all the way to the edges of my face, I use it only to even out red patches and/or cover blemished areas.
4. products I use regularly. There are three foundation colors, but I only use two - one for base, one for highlights, but the base changes depending on summer or winter skin tone.
5. me with regular make-up before the magic of highlight/shading -- nor eyebrow pencil, no inner eye-liner or fancy eye shadow tricks.
6. bronzer powder for shading. I prefer a liquid, but haven't found a new source since my banana boat instant bronze ran out (they only sell the self tanning version now :o( ).
7. I have exaggerated the amount so you can see where it goes. I do the sides of my nose, define my jaw line and blend down the neck, and I do the top of my forehead. The official version does sides of nose all the way up and over the eyes, but when I do that my eyes look too closely set. I also skip the cheeks part because it starts to look too made up (for me).
8. The highlight I do just like Kevin Aucion picture suggests. You can't see it on my forehead in this shot, but it's there. I use regular foundation make-up, but in a shade or two lighter than my regular base color. If you go too light, you will look like a dead person -- experiment. Sometimes for extra fun I add a bit of white shimmer eyeshadow on the top of the cheeks there (for going out and if I have summer color).
9. I also dot my lips then bend. Blending all of it is key. Think of the women with the foundation line -- you don't want any lines, so blend baby, blend.
10. My final trick is to flick a little water on my face and gently pat -- this helps things to not look too matte (too matte = more wrinkles and too drag queen-ish).
**special note -- I usually put blush on last so the highlight doesn't go on top of it. I just do the apple part of the cheek -- I don't drag it to the sides. I try to use creme blushes (creme everything when I can) as powder makes me look older and/or more made up.
also, a couple of final touches -- I do light shadow around the inner corners of my eyes, I do eyebrow pencil (again, blend or it looks stupid, but a little pencil fills in the color and brings out the thin outer edges a bit. last thing is sometimes I use a white liner pencil on the bottom inner lid. I line it, then wipe it off and it leaves enough behind to make the eyes pop (I've done that here -- you can see in the last photo. I've seen people leave it full white and it's a mistake, unless you want to look surprised all day.)
*** for more fun things to try check out the book Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin. Or google him and check out the website.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Something New

I have experienced taking in historical moments before-- the death of someone important, acts of terrorism and war -- significant, but horrible history. Wednesday, as I sat watching the coverage of Obama's victory, I experienced something new -- profound hope for the human race.

I thought this must be what it was like in 60's when real change was happening and people felt personal power could actually be used to effect the world in a positive way. Here we are again, with a leader capable of motivating the masses -- he's just a man, a politician, but wow.

When you look at the big picture and the world with it's wheels falling off, prior to Tuesday night, the cynic in me kept things fairly reserved -- I hoped for the best, but couldn't see how humanity could pull it off no matter who was in charge of the United States.

I really wasn't thinking Obama could change all that much even if he were elected, but now that he has been and watching the world react -- drastic change feels possible.

Can you imagine, one day you are just a man and the next you are someone who has profoundly changed history before you have even set a single foot in office. All eyes on one man. So many people ready to follow his lead.

I've always lived in a world where too much power for one man has been a creepy deal -- I've never experienced this possibility of real and positive change. Even as Obama campaigned on the idea of change, it was, yeah, yeah -- don't they all promise change. Even as it was refreshing to hear intelligent, thoughtful words coming out of a politicians mouth -- I kept the lid on my hopefulness.

Who knows what will happen, but in these moments where so many people have been lifted from their apathy and really seem motivated -- it's the coolest thing. I've always lived trying not think about how I am at the mercy of foolish people who are blinded by greed or fear -- people who make greedy or fearful policies that seem to have nothing to do with the good of humanity at all. I've wanted to believe the world can change and I do my part where I can, but the big picture has been bleak.

We are still at the mercy of our leaders, but doesn't it seem different? The air is ripe with real possibility -- what's that word?


Watching one person be so inspirational and seeing his message get bigger than he is -- it's crazy in a good way.

"I urge all Americans to join me in not just congratulating him, but in offering our next president our goodwill and encouragement in finding ways to come together, to find the necessary compromises to settle our differences, to help restore our prosperity, defend our security in a dangerous world and leave our children and grandchildren in a stronger better country than we inherited." -- John McCain

Wasn't that the best concession speech ever? (save for the booing). Civility abounding -- loved it.

"Godspeed" indeed, and dicernment to you President-Elect Obama.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hopped up on "hopium"



Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not so fast

This is my cousin's boy. I am very proud of this shot because the boy is a little shy and was trying hide behind that bag of chips before I could get his picture.

Not only did he not succeed, but I got a better shot than if he were to have sat still -- as great as that hair is, you don't get much of the eyes through those bangs. And every bit of his sweet personality shows here too.

Better luck next time Dusty.

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