Wednesday, May 24, 2006

God has a plan, see, and he wants you to...

Yesterday was my birthday and I was going to reveal the meaning of life to you all during a reflection on my 39 years in this world.

Unfortunately, my family was having none of this quiet time for mom crap and my muse finally told me to fuck off. Too bad, because universal knowledge opens to me on my birthday and I knew all -- maybe next year I'll get it down for you.

Despite losing my opportunity to bring peace and harmony to the world, I had a great birthday. There was no cooking (of dinner anyway) --I picked up a pizza and some Cold Stone Creamery fun. From Lizzie I was handed a formal invitation -- complete with glued on feathers-- to a special performance she had created just for me (song and dance -- beautiful). Winnie drew pictures for me and made me a fan which came complete with lessons on how the Chinese use them to communicate things like, "I'm sorry", how to request a kiss, "go away", and "come on over". Frankie did homework with Winnie so I didn't have to. Rich brought me chocolate and some cash to get the bedspread I'm after -- then he put the kids to bed and I watched several TiVo-ed episodes of Divine Design.

And now my family has one year to plan the big 4o bash. Although, you do realize that birthdays mark the end of a completed year, so I am in my fortieth year right now -- the thirties are officially gone. For the record of my 30's, I missed my 36th year, I was 37 twice. I thought I was 37 almost the entire year until a friend was figuring out his and Rich's birthday and knew how much younger I was than Rich and pointed out that it was not possible for me to be 37 if he was only turning 38. No wonder I looked so good for 37!

I'm not one to give too big a crap about getting old -- of course I care some, but not much -- I'm just glad the Earth is still sustaining us and that I get to be here for another chance to get some things right and to enjoy the good stuff.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Puppies and kids

Elizabeth: "Do you know what's the good thing about puppies and kids?"

Mom: "No. What's the good thing about puppies and kids?"

Elizabeth: "They clean up their messes."
And she leaned to the table and slurped up her spilled chocolate milk.

I must say, that is a pretty neat feature of both puppies and kids.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Holy crap -- did you see it?!

If you saw it and know what I'm talking about -- out of my seat yelling at the television, no, no, NO! NO!

(spoiler warning: If you've tivo-ed tonight Grey's Anatomy and not yet watched it -- stop reading)'s not going to be necessary because here comes another heart, and then not even thinking about who else got shot, and it was him laying in the pool of blood -- didn't see that one coming -- and NOOOO! and then she did it.

I'm so adrenalized -- I've called my sister and my mother-in-law and now I tap into my blog because I still need to talk about this.

I didn't want to like this show. I only started watching because nothing else was on Sunday nights. At first I felt it was like Dawson's Creek for grown ups and that they were just trying to sell CD's from it. Some truly grating characters, and yet...I was strangely compelled to keep watching.

By the third episode I was sobbing for the character who was the one that was most like nails on a chalk board for me. After that I was all in, no apologies for allowing myself to be so brilliantly manipulated.

And the cherry on top of tonight's episode is that the two hour finale is tomorrow!

Good thing I caught that promo because I thought it wasn't until next Sunday.

Excellent Soap, I bow to the writers.

Friday, May 05, 2006

How does this happen?

Never mind the groovy bubble -- look at what I am wearing!

Just because your daughter's name is Winnie, and just because someone thought it would be cute to give you a pullover with Winnie-the-pooh on it -- this does not mean you have to wear it.

And sweats? I love sweats -- after all, I'm a suburban mom, they're part of the uniform -- but for the sake of having an ounce of fashion sense, you don't need to wear them until they are drooping, shapeless, and downright ooky. And tuck them into your shoes why don't you. What was up? And where were my friends while this outfit was out and about?

That's what I want to know.

It's only a movie

My 5 year old nephew came up with a movie idea and his creative parents helped him bring it to life. It's called Zombie 2: Darkness of Dead.

I love that he cut the crap and went right for sequel -- even better is the tag line he came up with. Check it out if you dare: or .

If you can't tell -- the graphic on the movie poster is a hand coming out of the grave.

Do you love it? My girls don't. I am forbidden to show it to them EVER again and they may just disown their cousin because they got so freaked out by his walking deadness.

I'm usually quite compassionate when my girls are scared, but this time when they were working themselves up about it at bedtime (after we had already been over it several times) I got a little annoyed, "It's Declan in some Halloween make up and the music is supposed to creep you out..."