Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Giant Footprint

I've just been sworn to secrecy - so between me, you and the internet -- my children have found a giant shoe print in the sand.  They were at the park with the neighbor kid and they found it.  They had buried something and marked it with a rubber-band  X and now there is nothing but the footprint -- a Giant one -- the rubber-bands are gone!  All three of the girls are breathless with excitement.

Yesterday they had found some money in the sand and that is why they buried something in the lucky spot and then marked it. They have dug in the sand near the foot and have found a brick -- there are letters on the brick and they believe it to be some sort of code -- a code for money? 

They are going to dig to see what's buried beneath the brick -- they think the foot may belong to the money leaver and that he has returned to burry more -- soon they may be rich!

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