Friday, August 31, 2007

Balloon chasing

Last evening, while eating dinner, we saw two hot air balloons out the window. We grabbed the camera, but not in time to catch the red, orange and yellow balloon too -- it had sunk too low -- they were both about to land so we hopped in the van and chased them.

The orange balloon landed elsewhere and we missed the good shots, so we continued to follow this one here. The people were so cool and invited all the neighborhood kids to help pack the balloon. I love the shot of the kids jumping on the sack to get any remaining air out. Their little guy worked the crowd and handed out cards.

I think that's a genius way to promote balloon rides -- land in a subdivision -- how cool is that?

So cool.

Now I just need to figure out what I did to make the red pick up as purple on the ground shots. See how the people's shirts and stop sign are still red, but the balloon? Not red -- purple. Hmmmm.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Littlest pet shop party

My niece turned four this month. Instead of spending a fortune at Chuck E. Cheese, my sister hired a wildlife presentation. I have to say, it was the coolest wildlife presentation ever.

The woman was very cool about trusting the kids around the animals which really let their natural curiosity flow. Little four year olds holding snakes, frogs, a gator, pulling web from a spider butt and of course there were bunnies and other fluffy things.

And how nice for my sister (and the rest of us grown ups) to just get to hang back and enjoy the show -- it was show, wash hands, pizza, cake, presents, good day. If you've ever thrown a kid party, you'd know what a bonus it would be to have someone else directing the festivities.

I think it was $225, which is in there with a pizza party, cheaper than a party at American Girl or renting a jumpy thing or hiring a balloon bending clown.

Very fun day for all of us.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

koo koo ka choo

I forgot to tell you guys -- I think I scared off guitar Dave.

This is old news, long time ago when I posted his picture and mentioned he looked like Speed Racer -- my first crush -- well, we have not seen him since.

The thing is, there was a hit on my site meter from his band's page where I had linked to. I'm pretty sure he read my blog and instead of being flattered, got all freaked out by Mrs. Robinson.
I removed the post so he didn't have to remain afraid.

Rich has run into him and I asked if he gave Rich a look of pity, he said he was all cool, but I know and we laugh because now we are old and scaring young people

Every once in a while Winnie asks what ever happened to Davey.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mush, I tell you -- it's mush

It used to bother me when I heard a mom talking about being excited for school to start so they could get a break from their kids. I loved being with my kids and I even took a shot at homeschooling them.

So far I've broken up three bicker fests while typing those two sentences. Too much togetherness isn't good for any of us. Nobody is enjoying each other here. This is not natural -- if it were meant to be like this it wouldn't feel like a slow death.

September 4th can't come soon enough. It may be months before my brain works right again.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Marriage proposal

I'm watching Regis and Kelly and some actor is telling how he just proposed to his girlfriend on the jumbotron in Times Square and it reminded me of the coolest proposal I ever witnessed, which I will get to in a moment, but first, Enrique Iglesias -- stop talking.

He's filling in for Regis and he's trying to talk this guy out of marriage. Kelly keeps giving Enrique an out for the conversation and he's not picking up, in fact, it's only prompting him to further make his point and it's turning into some squirm tv. This actor is going to host the Teen Choice Awards, the squirmiest moment so far was Enrique telling this guy there will be 'no more hosting the teen show' after marriage.

Uh, Enrique -- pervy pervert.

Not exactly a great set up for a romantic story, but I'm alone and I needed to share what I'm hearing here.

The best proposal I ever saw took place at the Italian Bistro I was working at -- the kind of restaurant which prints it's menus semi weekly depending on what fabulous foods were available to the chef's at the time.

One day this young fellow walks in to make a reservation and says he's going to propose to his girlfriend and do we have any suggestions on how to make it really special. Jon the floor manager came up with the most brilliant idea -- he prints up a special dessert menu with the last dessert listed being the proposal!

The couple came in, got their table for two by the window and the entire staff was, "are they having dessert yet? tell me when they get to dessert."

When the moment came I was behind the bar and was able to stare without being obvious. She reads the menu, and when she got to it her facial reactions were perfect, like you would imagine, her thoughts read -- "Huh? Did I read that right?" then her face softens to the realization, she looks up from the menu to her boyfriend who then grabs the ring box from his pocket and gets down on the knee, she starts crying -- she's a pretty crier -- and he is smooth, not a moment of awkwardness between them -- it was like a movie.

She said "yes", many of the staff and guests were all misty -- I have goose bumps presently from the recall.

Isn't that a great story?

What's the best proposal you've ever heard of, seen, been a part of, or fantasized would be great?

Friday, August 03, 2007

You will like this movie trailer

Look at it -- feel happy.

Girl Scout Camp Wisdom

Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?

To get to the bottom!

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm no mystery

It's revealed like this: Take the car in for an oil change and break check -- how responsible of me, feels good. Need brakes, car is warranted -- free fix, free rental -- super! License expired on 40th birthday, no rental today, reschedule for tomorrow. Straight to DMV, have good book to read -- take your time (aside: I recommend somber material for public reading -- twice now, I've made a spectacle of myself with some uncontrolled laughing in the department of motor vehicles. This time, Augustin Burroughs, last time were the Deep Thoughts of Jack Handy -- red face, crying, onlooker pressure intensifying situation ...dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies -- nope, laughing even harder now.)

Weird lady with expired license passes vision test, oops -- problem with license name vs. S.S.# name, renewal denied. Off to SS office, need to change to married name, "when were you married?" "98." "We'll need to see the original marriage license." The red tape is getting thicker, but I'm excited because I already have the paperwork and I know where it is! Mention going home to retrieve paperwork before rushing back for my new card so I can go back to DMV and renew my license and they can put my new (six year old) address on it while they are at it. Can't renew until tomorrow -- system updates overnight. That's the kind of news which screws up the free rental plan, but allows for blogging time on the home front.

Drive home and mentally create a bunch of really good blogs: One by my pissed off inner feminist who has a lot to say about the archaic bullshit that goes along with marriage -- she was changing up a bunch of laws and could not find a single valid reason for marriage now that she had made all well with bureaucracy.

Second was a funny commentary on people who fail to develop critical thinking capabilities and do things like build a home on a high hill in God's country and then complain about the wind up there when you verbalize your envy of their breathtaking 360 degree view of nature filled kettles and moraines (You're on high ground, did you not think there would be wind?) My mental pen went on to write about them having no need to worry during times of heavy rain and flash flood warnings, and how they are in a great position should this area ever become a war zone they could fortify the daylights out of the place and see all (so they're a little prone to missile attacks and such, but they have it all over old school ground warfare tactics.)

Third was an account of odds for place in line vs. having to pee.

Another was about last night and how I came to eat ants, many many ants, unawares and then of course, how I became aware. (A lot of ants.)

Last was a Swishyesque post, complete with camera phone photos of the piece of crap car that had a locking bar across the steering wheel (not even on the south side, buddy) -- priceless and sweet all in one.

Alas, I've only time for the gist and that was it. Catch you later, I'm off to synchronize my identities.

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