Monday, June 06, 2011

2011 post

Came here to visit today -- took me a moment to remember how to sign in to blogger. Hello blog and blogger friends, I feel like I am visiting my internet home town.

We've lost a friend since we last spoke and I really feel the absence of TTQ now that I'm here.

Dang, I'm rusty. I want to say things and honor the loss of a special friend, but the writing is just not here, but it's definately an absence in this space. I'm a little overwhelmed by emotion at the moment. I feel that very special understanding and connection -- that weird little 'goes without saying' between us personal journal type bloggers. You're not here, I feel it and I miss you.

As for this blog -- I think about starting a new one sometimes. I'd like to join in on the "My town Monday" and/or join a photo story thread. I could start here, maybe go through the archives and delete some of the public floggings of the spouse so I can invite family. (Listen, you marry someone with Asperger's and then we'll talk about it... and they don't let you spouse bash on the Aspie message boards, or I would have joined a group by now. Besides, all my rantings were from before I figured it out, so we're lucky I had a place to vent or my children could have been from a broken home by now). I really thought he had brain damage from his drug induced youth, but then someone suggested Asperger's ... it took a while for it to really sink in, that it was more than a personality quirk and that lack of "theory of mind" is pretty much an explanation for all of the - fork in the eye - moments... There's so much more to it, integration issues and a whole picture that is the deal with Asperger folk -- posts, many posts -- could do a whole blog on just that, but I won't.

Anyway, stopping by for a visit and getting a post with 2011 stamped on it. I miss the writing connection with myself, there's nothing quite like that space one cuts through in order to get at the things waiting to be said or told. I miss connecting to kindreds through sharing...

I really doubt I'll start another blog, but maybe I'll post again before 2012... who knows?

That's it for today, blogger buddies. Nice to see you all again :)